Hockey Stick Labels

Did you know…

It’s amazing how many kids actually have the same stick! Stick labels help you ensure your equipment is returned to you when left behind in the dressing room or on the bench. Like Mom said, “Put your name on it!” Personalize your own stick decals for only $ 5! Click here to order.

Stick Labels

Coaches like them to as during practice it helps them identify the kids when doing drills! Stick labels also reduce the risk of theft! And finally, it’s the big league feel. Getting your name on your stick is like your first big league endorsement!

Tournament Gifts

For only $ 3.95 we create a custom stick label with their name, number, logo and team color! That’s less than the price of a gatorade and a candy bag!


About Stinky Lockers Ltd.

We designed a fun and creative way to customize bag tags for players. All too often bags are thrown in a dressing room or holding area for a tournament or event and bags often get lost or misplaced. The Stinky Locker is a great way to not only identify your bag, but a great way to promote your camp or tournament for many years to come. Be sure to check out our custom decals too! For sticks, helmets, water bottle decals & more!

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