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Hockey Stick Labels

Did you know…

It’s amazing how many kids actually have the same stick! Stick labels help you ensure your equipment is returned to you when left behind in the dressing room or on the bench. Like Mom said, “Put your name on it!” Personalize your own stick decals for only $ 5! Click here to order.

Stick Labels

Coaches like them to as during practice it helps them identify the kids when doing drills! Stick labels also reduce the risk of theft! And finally, it’s the big league feel. Getting your name on your stick is like your first big league endorsement!

Tournament Gifts

For only $ 3.95 we create a custom stick label with their name, number, logo and team color! That’s less than the price of a gatorade and a candy bag!


Learn to Play Helmet Decals


Customize your association “Learn to Play” Decals with your Association logo. These easy to apply and easy to remove labels are ideal for the novice, initiation and CANSkate players. Document your players name with any permanent marker and help your coaches identify the kids on the ice. Knowing a players name when executing any drill helps keep kids focuses and improve their skills during practice.

Dimensions: 4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ Digital Print Medi decals are countour cut with radius corners and weeded for ready application.

Laid up in sheet form, distributing these labels to teams are easy. Document the name with any permanent marker on your clipboard and peel and stick! Ready for the Big League.

Football Celly Decals-Personalized

Personalize your very own Football Celly Decal for your cell phone!

Your Name, Your Number & Jersey Color! Click here to order!

The decals are water and scratch resistant 3M printed vinyl. Simply peel and stick to your cell phone or cell phone case! Once size fits all. Ideal for hard case or direct to phone application. Note: Case NOT included. Celly decals are “decals” only. Simply peel and stick!

Note: Some leather and material cases should be used with caution if trying to remove decal.

Choose from 32 Different Jersey Color Combinations!


Celly Pops

Check out the newest addition to the Stinky Locker lineup of personalized products. The new Celly Pops. These mobile phone stands make it easy to get a grip on your phone! Upload your photo or team logo and make it your own! Available in black or white!

Ideal for phones, tablets and cases. Peel, stick and pop!

Improves your grip for texting, cell phone photos, video chat, tablet & reader grip, media stand, and wire management for headphones!

Only $ 15 each to personalized your very own Celly Pop!

Click here to order!