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Bag Tag Fundraiser


Did you know Stinky Lockers offers a Bag Tag Fundriaser for your team?

Bag Tag Fundraising is SIMPLE!

  1. Start Your Tag Fundraiser. We will send you order forms and reference sheets for the assortment of tags available along with some samples.
  2. $ell the Tags! Simply write down their order in the space provided and identify their tag(s) preference, the details of their order and quantity. $ 5 each or 5 for $ 20 and you keep 40% of the gross $ales!
  3. Order the Tags! After you collect the order forms, simply send us the details (we’ll send you a summary order form) along with full payment and we’ll ship you your order within 7 days.

*Remember you keep 40% of the gross sales! So if each of only 16 members sells only 35 Bag Tags that could amount to you raising $ 1,000. We have something for everyone!

Because everyone needs bag tags, you can expect sometimes 3 or more orders from each family. Don’t forget to push for the BEST Value. Mix and Match and buy 4 and get 1 free. 5 for $ 20!

A single family order is sometimes 10 tags!

  • 2 Band Tags
  • 4 Mexico Tags
  • 1 Dance
  • 2 Hockey
  • 1 Baseball

All orders are shipping and sorted by “Fundraiser” making it easy to distribute your tags to the fundraiser to distribute his/her sales.